The Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy (ERH) Society was created in the spring of 2009 to promote discussion of the life and work of the historian and social philosopher Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy (1888-1973). The Society issues occasional newsletters jointly with the Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy Fund, and from time to time organizes conferences or other gatherings.

Newsletters and other announcements may be found under “News” on the main menu. Other material open to the public, including conference programs, may be found under “Documents” on the main menu.

There is a “Forum” at this site to enable substantive discussions among members.

The “Contributions” section contains specially edited shorter pieces by ERH and discussions of ERH’s work that are too long for inclusion in the Forum.

Additional information about ERH, biographical data, and other such material may be found at the following website, erhfund.org, which has incorporated the old Argo Books site. For many years, Argo Books was the principal distributor of works by Rosenstock-Huessy. The Argo list is now incorporated into the list of the publisher Wipf and Stock, based in Eugene, Oregon. All book orders should go to: https://wipfandstock.com/contact_us.

Other material relating to ERH is dispersed at several different locations on the web. Addresses to access these sources are listed under the “Links” heading on the main menu.

Official information about the Society, such as its Constitution and the list of Officers, and Minutes and Reports by officers, are accessible only to members (see “Members Area” in the main menu).

The “Publications” heading on the main menu consists of a bibliography of writings about ERH and his work from 1973 to 2013.

To join the Society, write to <nfiering@gmail.com>. We will need to have your postal address as well as an e-mail address, and ideally a reference from an existing member.

The postal address of the Society is:

N. Fiering, Secretary, ERH Society
500 Angell St. (Apt. 519)
Providence, RI 02906

(The Society is grateful to David Dalbey for rejuvenating this website in 2018-19. It was originally constructed by Emeth Hesed Grey. With the exception of old posts or messages that could not be transferred, this site is intended to supersede entirely the Society’s original Google Group site.)